00:00 hydration is essential for people and

00:03 for pets in fact some veterinarians

00:06 estimate that about 20% of office visits

00:08 have poor hydration as an underlying

00:10 cause humans have plenty of choices when

00:13 it comes to liquid refreshment but for

00:15 our pets beverage options are decidedly

00:18 limited that's why there's POG wa ba gua

00:22 is a liquid pet treat that provides

00:24 flavor variety and excitement of thirsty

00:26 pets humans crave variety and excitement

00:29 with their meals why do we believe that

00:31 pets would enjoy these qualities too

00:33 available in two flavors savory roasts

00:36 and mixed berry Hogg WA contains natural

00:39 flavors with no added colors less than

00:41 one calorie per serving and human great

00:44 ingredients so you can feel good about

00:46 giving your bestfriend the flavors

00:48 they're thirsting for bagua finally true

00:51 refreshment has gone to the dogs

00:53 go to paga calm to learn more

00:56 [Music]

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