Add two squeezes of Pawgua per eight fluid ounces of water. Used as recommended, a 3-ounce bottle of Pawgua yields 45 finished eight-ounce servings. Please refresh your pet’s water supply multiple times each day and note that Pawgua is for supplemental feeding only Keep Pawgua out of reach of young children.

No. Although Pawgua is made from natural flavors and human-grade ingredients, it is a highly-concentrated pet water additive. We strongly recommend diluting Pawgua per the instructions in Question 1.

No. Pawgua is a treat for supplemental feeding of healthy pets. It is not a complete diet nor a whole food. Please consult your vet for additional guidance.

No. At present, Pawgua is labeled for and intended for dogs. We hope to have Pawgua cat variants available soon!

Pawgua is intended for pet consumption, not human consumption.

Just like humans, pets need a fresh and clean source of drinking water. We recommend that you treat your pet’s water bowl just like you would treat your own drinking glass: refresh with clean water if it’s been sitting out for an extended period of time, wash with hot soapy water frequently, and practice frequent handwashing after handling your pet’s bowl.